How can my student get involved in campus programs?


“Go with what you know” is good advice when it comes to campus involvement. Students should first seek out clubs and organizations attached to where they live or to their academic major or interests. After they are established in one of these clubs they will undoubtedly meet new people with varied interests who will broaden their horizons and tell them about other clubs in which they are involved.

Typically, students already have certain interests before they arrive on campus and they should continue to engage in those familiar activities while they explore new interests. A student who was always an active athlete in high school should join a club sport or an intramural team with his or her residence hall floor, fraternity or sorority. Joining academic clubs or organizations is also a very good idea.

Every college and major has some kind of student club. The meetings and activities of these organizations give students an opportunity to meet others in their major and faculty advisors. Additionally, there are clubs and organizations for just about any interest that a student may have. Encourage your student to visit campus link to browse a complete list of clubs and find a good fit.